Breath Hold for Surfers

Sometimes while surfing you stayed underwater, curled on waves and then you thought that you lacked something?

Perhaps more breath, more relaxation, more control? 


Increasingly more surfers look for tools, so they can use it to improve their abilities in the water. Then we have created this specific course in view of their needs / difficulties. 

For whom?

Everyone can take part in this course!

This course is aimed to everyone whether experienced or beginner in activities / wave sports such as Surfing, Bodyboarding, Bodysurfing, SUP, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and more. Both for beginners who have lack of confidence in the sea as for the more experienced who wish to improve, this course will help in many ways.


In this course you will learn skills and abilities related with:

  • Breathing
  • Relaxation
  • self-knowledge 
  • Specific apnea training
  • Control and stress management 

The breath hold training began to be used a few years ago by the Hawaiians as a complement for big waves surfing. They knew that when they had a wipeout in these kind of waves the physical effort and breath hold time were higher. For them the main purpose of training was to try to hold their breath as long as possible underwater like we saw on movies and photographs, carrying stones. Nowadays, the breath hold training evolved and become wider, bringing a lot of benefits for all types of waves and levels. 

Names like Kelly Slater, have become a fan of this training. 

Not only for big waves or experienced sportsmen and women, this course has shown that greater confidence is only a breath hold away. 

Course Structure: Online sessions, breathing sessions and pool sessions. 

Duration and price:

           Module 1 - One day 120€

           Module 1 & 2 - Two days 200€