About us

We are an apnea center school. SPOT-Freedive was founded in 2008 and our goal is the development of freediving in Portugal.

We teach everything you need to know for you to develop, in this way you can enjoy several activities with confidence and security in any activity related to the sea. Here you can find courses for Freediving and Breath hold programs for wave sports like Surf, Bodyboard, Bodysurf, Paddle surf, Stand up paddle, Windsurf, Kitesurf and others. Our courses are certificated by AIDA, SSI and Molchanovs and have several levels from beginner to advanced freediver and also Instructor. We also do Freedive training sessions in the sea and pool, fun dives and Snorkeling.

We primer individuality and if you want to do a course or a training session with us you will find a safe, comfortable and fun environment but above all professional. Our teachers have a vast experience on teaching and are always taking new and complementary courses, to keep up to date. They are athletes and their dedication to this sport led them to achieve several national records.

When you need more apnea, you GPS will show you SPOT-Freedive.